Leaders in Japanese Legal Translation

Silver Bridges is a recognized leader in Japanese legal translation work throughout the U.S. and Japan. 

Founded in 1994 by Princeton graduate Steven C. Silver, the firm's commitment to accuracy and professionalism has made it the translation firm of choice for thousands of premier law firms and multinationals worldwide.

Fast.  Precise.  Experienced.  Ethical.  Everything you expect from a full-service legal translation firm.

Oral Interpreting Work

Our translators can fly anywhere in the world to provide you with reliable interpreting and 'interpreter monitoring' services.  

With nearly 20 years of interpreting experience in civil and criminal proceedings, Silver Bridges can help you get results efficiently and effectively - in any jurisdiction.

We have the skills and the depth to interpret at highly technical depositions, trials and conferences - with a particularly strong track record in contract, finance, IP, medl/pharmal and manufacturing/construction-related work.   

Document Translation Work

Silver Bridges has the experience and expertise to service all of your firm's Japanese litigation and transactional document translation needs. 

We can provide certified translations of even the most technical materials, including financial, tax, patent, legal and medical documents.

We can also review third-party translations for accuracy and completeness. 

Why We're #1

* * 20 Years of Experience * *
* * Unparalleled Global References * *
* * Quality Guarantee * *
* * Rapid Turnaround * *
* * Nationally/State-Certified (US/HI) * *

Other Languages Available:
Spanish / French / German

Chinese/ Korean / Portuguese / Italian
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