Serious about Japanese Legal Translation Work

Steven C. Silver, the founder and principal of Silver Bridges Translations, takes Japanese legal translation work seriously.

For over 20 years, Silver has translated for hundreds of the world's leading law firms and multinationals in an astounding variety of industries, languages and settings.  He has extensive deposition, trial and ADR experience.

Silver is nationally certified by the American Translators Association (Japanese-to-English, French-to-English, Spanish-to-English).  He is registered with the federal courts and certified in the courts of the State of Hawaii.

A former tax accountant with an undergraduate degree from Princeton and a Masters in Accounting, Silver is particularly qualified to translate complex financial, tax and business documents.


ATA Certifications

Hawaii Tier II Certification (Japanese)

Hawaii Tier IV Certification (Spanish)

JLPT Level 1

Registered with Federal Court in Hawaii

Qualified in Numerous Jurisdictions

Masters in Accounting

Bachelors Degree from Princeton

Former Enrolled Agent

Working Languages
English / Japanese
Spanish / French
Chinese / Korean
German / Italian / Portuguese
Silver Bridges Translations Int'l, LLC
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